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Places that shouldn't be missed while visiting Nepal

Nepal is the land of eternal beauty and attraction blended with the colourful cultures, ancient history, picturesque scenery and beautiful people with warm hospitality surrounded by two big countries India in east, west and south and China in the north. It is one of the most exotic adventure destinations where one can get involved with various activities such as: Tours and treks, Rafting, Jungle safari, Expeditions and many more. It is the land of various Flora and Fauna, Lakes and rivers, caves and mountains.

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and is the largest city. It is culturally rich. The cultural heritage of Kathmandu Valley is illustrated by the seven groups of monuments and buildings which display the full range of historic and artistic achievements for which the Kathmandu Valley is world famous. It is also home to hundreds of other exquisite monuments, sculpture, artistic temples and magnificent art. Kathmandu is blessed by a living goddess Kumari and is enriched endless ceremonial processions and events.


Patan is a city of fine arts, enclosed within 4 stupas which is also known as Lalitpur. It is one of the major cities of Nepal located in central part of Kathmandu Valley. Patan is known for its rich cultural heritage, particularly its traditions of arts and handicrafts. It is a city of festival and feast, fine ancient art, making of metallic and stone carving statue. The most important monuments of the city is Patan Durbar Square which has been listed by UNESCO as one of the seven monument zones that make up the Kathmandu Valley world heritage site.


Bhaktapur is just 14 km away from the Kathmandu. It is also the best destination for the study of art and architecture. It has beautifully preserved Palace courtyard where we can see the beautifully carved wooden, metal and stone work. Palace of 55 Windows is the best example of woodcarving. It is a unique masterpiece built in seventeenth century. The city is rich in its Culture and Tradition due to which it is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The majority of the people are Newars who are famous for their Custom and Tradition and Cuisine too. This city is also popular for different forms of mask dance performed based on lives of different deities by human representation. 

Tilicho Lake

At an altitude of 4919m there lies the one of the World’s highest lake “Tilicho Lake”. It lies in the Annapurna Range. The main source of the lake is Tilicho Peak and Tilicho Glacier. On the route you can have the spectacular views of the Himalayas along with the warm hospitality of the local people. The only access to reach the lake is trekking. This trek is considered as one of the challenging trek in Nepal.


Pokhara is one of the most beautiful city of Nepal popularly known as city of Lakes and Caves. It is second biggest city of Nepal after Kathmandu. Snowy peaks, serene Lakes, Greenery surroundings and the pristine air make this city popular among tourist. It is also the best place for the adventure lovers as it provides the adventure activities such as Paragliding, Ultra light flights, Zip Flyer. It is also the getaway to popular trekking destination i.e. Annapurna Trekking Region.

Poon Hill

At the height of 3210m there lies the Poon hill which is one of the best places to catch the sunrise view. It lies in the foothills of Annapurna offering unobstructed and magnificent views world’s 7th highest peak Mt. Dhaulagiri and world’s 10th highest peak Mt. Annapurna along with other peaks. The Ghorepani and Poon hill trek is a colourful foray into the Annapurna Region where you will be welcomed by the beautiful Rhododendron forest .The trek starts and ends in Pokhara.

Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang lies in the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri which is surrounded by rocks in all kind of colours and bizarre formations. This region is famous for trekking where it brings you into the hidden world of the old Buddhist kingdom of Mustang. This area is used to be a kingdom of Bhote/Thakali community until Nepal is declared a newest secular and republican country in 2008. Upper Mustang is known as restricted area of trekking because the historical and religious monuments and the natural and geographical diversity are supposed to be protected as their importance is more essential for the nation.

Rara Lake

Rara Lake lies in the Rara National Park of Mugu district in Nepal. It is the biggest lake of Nepal situated at an altitude of 2990m above the sea level covering the area of 10.18 square kilometres. The turquoise blue lake is the home of different species of fish surrounded by pine, spruce and juniper forest. It is the best destination for the trekkers where one can spot different wildlife such as; Leopards, Musk deer, Ghoral, Himalayan Black Bear and the rare shy nature Red Panda. It is also the best place for bird lover as one can see different species of birds. 
Lumbini is the place where Lord Buddha was born around the year 563 BC. It lies in the Terai plains of Southern Nepal. We can see the beautiful monasteries and temples build by the different countries. It is also the best place to study the Buddhist history, art and architecture. Maya Devi Temple is the major attraction in the lumbini among the pilgrims and archaeologists.


The main attraction of Chitwan is Chitwan National Park. It is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It is home of different wildlife, Flora and Fauna. The major attraction of Chitwan National Park is One Horned Rhino and the Bengal Tigers.  Different activities such as Jungle safari on elephant and Jeep, bird watching, canoe rides, jungle walk and Elephant bath can be performed here in Chitwan National Park. Chitwan is the homeland of Tharu one of the ethnic group who are renowned for their culture and arts.

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