Monday, February 03, 2014

Festivals in Nepal - Shree Panchami

Goddess Saraswati
Nepalese people are celebrating the festival of Shree Panchami today (4th February, 2014). On this auspicious day, the children as well as adults worship Saraswoti who is regarded as the goddess of knowledge and wisdom in Hindu mythology. The folks over here believe that if children and toddlers learn to read and write on this day, the Goddess will bless them with profound aptitude of memory and intelligence. 
Temples like Swoyambhu, nilsaraswoti, Maitidevi etc. are visited by thousands of devotees. There is a tradition of writing letters as well as prayers on the walls and floors of the temples and their premises with chalks and crayons. This day is also considered as the favorable day to start new relationships so many wedding ceremonies are also held at various holy places. Many schools and colleges have organized programs to pay homage to the goddess of knowledge and the government has issued a holiday for educational institutions. we Nepal one tours best travel agency of Nepal provides you a best service tours in Nepal,If you think to visit Nepal. Nepal one is a tour  in Nepal.visit ours  website 

Writing on the wall of a temple on Shree Panchami
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Sunday, February 02, 2014


Gosainkunda is one of the sacred lakes in Nepal which is situated in the Rasuwa district. It lies at an altitude of 4,380 meters and covers a part of the popular trekking route that leads from Dhunche to Helambu. The trekkers can also observe other panoramic views that encompass the magnificent Langtang National Park.
Devotees from all over Nepal and India visit this lake to pay homage to the Hindu God and the Hindu Goddess Shiva and Gauri respectively on the special occasion of Janai Purnima (One of the important festivals of Hindus). Then they perform the holy bath in this lake. There are a number of lodges and eateries which are always ready for the prompt service of the visitors.  
Some people might experience altitude sickness in this area. However, if you take enough of precautions and medications along with you, your trek in Nepal will be worthwhile. 

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Gosainkunda Lake in Nepal
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Festivals in Nepal- Sonam Lhosar

Today (31st of January, 2014) Nepalese folks are relishing the second day of two consecutive public holidays. The occasion on which the holiday is issued is Sonam Lhosar, an important festival of Tamang community of Nepal. This day marks the commencement of the New Year according to the Tibetan calendar.  

People have their own way of celebrating this fiesta. They visit different religious sites like monasteries and stupas to carry out different traditional rituals. New dresses are bought and worn on this special day. Likewise, different dishes are prepared which include meat items and sweet desserts as well. They also clean and adorn their houses with the belief that it welcomes good luck to their family.

Men and women assemble at a common place in their traditional attires and perform their cultural music and dance. A special function is held at Tundikhel in Kathmandu. Nepal One Tours wishes all the Nepalese individuals a very happy Sonam Lhosar. visit ours site

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Martyrs’ Day in Nepal

Nepalese people are celebrating Shahid Diwas (the Martyrs’ day) today. Nepal is observing a public holiday to mark this special occasion. The personnel from government services, public administration, private institutions and every other sector of the country are paying homage to the departed souls of the revered martyrs on this day.  
There is a place called ‘Shahid gate’ where people assemble and offer flowers and garlands to the statuettes of the four renowned martyrs of Nepal namely Dashrath Chand, Dharma Bhakta Mathema, Gangalal Shrestha and Shukraraj Shastri. They were the ones who sacrificed their own lives for the sake of freedom of the nation from the autocratic Rana regime and the instigation of democracy in Nepal. The sovereignty and prosperity of Nepal is largely attributed to the contribution of great people like them.  
Nepal One Tours congratulates all the Nepalese folks on this celebratory date and wishes for the peace and democracy to prevail in the country.  

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Shahid Gate where Martyrs' day is celebrated in Nepal 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cultural values of flowers in Nepal- Makhamali

Makhamali is a flower that holds great cultural significance in Nepal. Its English name is Bachelor Button or Globe Amaranth. The Bhai Tika is the occasion when Nepalese folks make garlands and small bouquets (Guchchha) of this flower. Then these garlands are put around the neck and the guchchha on the ears of their brothers by the Nepali women.  
This flower has a specialty that it doesn’t wilt for a long time even after it has been plucked from the main plant, given that it is kept away from light. This distinctive feature of this blossom portrays a myth in Nepali that just like the longevity of its endurance, the brothers of females who have been offered Makhamali, will have a long life.     
Not only do they bear cultural value, they are also proved to hold medical properties like their seeds are found to contain high fiber and low saturated fats. Its oil is found to be useful for the patients of coronary heart diseases.  

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Makhamali flower
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