Thursday, May 22, 2014

climate of nepal

Climatic conditions of Nepal vary from Himalaya to terai .in Himalayan region their is always  cold in hilly region their  is moderate climate but in the terai region their is extreme cold  in winter and much more heat in summer. 
Winter rains are mainly seen in the  in the western hills of the country . The annual rainfall is 1,600 mm,in the country  but it varies by Eco-climatic zones like in pokhara their is always rain fall but in mustang their is less than other place.And another interesting fact is their is always good session to visit Nepal .even in winter you can have fun of snow and cool climate and in summer you can have enjoyment of sunlight . for the trekker the best time  to visit are during spring and autumn session in nepal. Spring is the time called  rhododendrons it is the best climatic period of Nepal on my peronal suggestion visitor should visit Nepal l in this session.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Trishuli River

guys chilling up in trisuli.

The Trishuli river is named after the trisula  which means the god lord shiva Hindu belief that he is a powerful god. says that gosikunda is a place where load Shiva placed  the source of the river is  gosikunda  so that named as trisuli Nepal’s most popular rafting zone is trisuli  after the 100 km run from kathmandu on prithiv highway.accessible. Best period  for  the visit on march to june. Here, it is a truly mightly rivere ,in the period of Monsoon the river is   fifty times the  flow of the Colorado River . The distance that  river is 105km We  nepalone tours provide 1-2 days rafting  trip in which we use two sections on the trisuli river. starting point our rafters meet and guide the clients and the clients raft the section down to the camp. .If you want to visit trisuli Nepalone provide a best package for u visit our web site

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mount Everest

Mount Everest was originate about 60 million years ago as per the research . it is in our country Nepal ,WE all nepali say sagarmath  to the mount Everest which mean goddess of the sky.First ascent in May 29,1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary from the  South Col Route. The height of  Mount Everest is 8848m from the sea level. Mount Everest Summit climb is the  most challenging and longest climb in the region of Himalayas.
   trekker found the mount Everest is the best treating route they flay to the lukla from capital city Kathmandu, so to save their effort ,time energy towards trek as per save stamina and enthusiasm.  views of Himalayan ranges is so best you can watch various flora and fauna . While not posing substantial technical climbing challenges on the standard route, their is  dangers such as sickness of altitude  ,cold weather an the extreme wind as well as significant objective. trekker need to take the bottle of oxygen during their clime .If you want to visit mount Everest Nepal one provide a best package for you,visit our web site

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bhote Koshi

What a wonderfull moment..
Bhote Koshi means  Tibet khola . In the peple language  Tibet means bhote and Koshi means khola  In Tibetan says this river in name of Rongshar. The Bhote  Kosi is the only  best steepest river for white water rafted in Nepal. or swinging that is bungee jumping also  swinging over the Bhote Kosi has been said as the ultimate experience or adventure .The valley is narrow with steep hillsides and the heghit is about (6,600 ft) from the river. Nepal's first bungee jumping site is situated there .The visitor have adventures momenent over their.The last resort is providing the facility of adventure to the visitors and tourists national and internationally.. You all visitors will have great  moment. .If you want to visit Bhote Koshi Nepal one provide a best package for u visit our web site


Bagmati river in Sundarijal

                        sundarijal is the best destination for every tourist. It is about 13km north from the center of Kathmandu valley, mainly sundarijal is know for river  , water dam, high hills, flora& fauna ,and natural beauty. It is also cultural diversity area with various cast and language during visit. Another most important aspect of this place is bagmati river. There is one cultural  temple named as sundarimai. It will be best destination for those who like adventure, trekking, etc.  we  founds various local people lifestyle experience their hardwork for their daily life income. their is height of the hill you can clearly view the valley of Kathmandu.

                                                                                                                                                sundarijal is the perfect location to hanging out with yours friend, family, couples and also suitable for the special program like picnic, get together, group program etc. also there is various lodging & fooding facilities for those visitorswho really want . In the period of rainy session the weather of that place is so unique and this is the better location visit for every tourist .if you want to visit sundarijal nepal one provide a best package for you visit our web site

Visitors on their treak