Thursday, May 22, 2014

climate of nepal

Climatic conditions of Nepal vary from Himalaya to terai .in Himalayan region their is always  cold in hilly region their  is moderate climate but in the terai region their is extreme cold  in winter and much more heat in summer. 
Winter rains are mainly seen in the  in the western hills of the country . The annual rainfall is 1,600 mm,in the country  but it varies by Eco-climatic zones like in pokhara their is always rain fall but in mustang their is less than other place.And another interesting fact is their is always good session to visit Nepal .even in winter you can have fun of snow and cool climate and in summer you can have enjoyment of sunlight . for the trekker the best time  to visit are during spring and autumn session in nepal. Spring is the time called  rhododendrons it is the best climatic period of Nepal on my peronal suggestion visitor should visit Nepal l in this session.

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