Saturday, January 25, 2014

Panche Baja

January is a month for many wedding ceremonies in Nepal. As we have mentioned in our previous blogs, the family members and friends of the bridegroom go to bring the bride to his home in a group called ‘Janti’. They sing and dance to the music played by men carrying typical Nepali musical instruments called Panche Baja 
Panche Baja is an assembly of five musical instruments that hold great importance in Nepali culture and tradition. They have their own idiosyncratic names too which are Damaha, Narsiha (trumpet), Jhyaali, Dholak (drum) and Shehnai. The experts play the music of various Nepali folk songs, namely the Dohori songs with the help of these instruments. Anybody who runs into one of the Jantis would surely want to dance to the beat of such melody. 
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Nepali folks playing Panche baja
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