Saturday, January 25, 2014

Amusement Park in Kathmandu

Not only are children in search of fun but it’s inevitable that we, the adults want that every now and then. The stressful life both at our homes and work demand us of some recreation at least once in a while. The amusement park at Bhrikuti Mandap of Kathmandu, more commonly known as the Fun Park is such a place where you can set yourself free from your daily hassle.
You can enjoy the rides of the Ferris wheel, the Columbus, the park train and the boat. Besides these, there are other attractions that allow your adrenaline rush freely. The Paint ball is one of the ways through which you can catch up with your friends and enjoy like hell. There are the Bingo games through which you might get chances of winning some really good gift hampers. The horse riding is also offered at this place.  
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So when you are in a vacation in Nepal, do visit this place and defy the gravity! Happy travelling J

The Amusement park in Kathmandu
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