Wednesday, January 22, 2014

People of Nepal

One of the compliments that foreign visitors make about Nepal is people over here are amiable and hospitable. You will be greeted by warm smiles anywhere you go in this peaceful nation. Of course there is diversity with regards to caste, tribe and ethnicity of Nepalese people, but there is always unison in terms of mutual cooperation and understanding.

Sherpa, Gurung and Thakali are the main groups that inhabit the Himalayan region. Sherpas are well-known throughout the world for their excellent aptitudes in mountaineering. Similarly, the Hilly region is mostly populated by Rai, Limbu, Magar and Tamang who are reputed for their bravery as the Gurkha warriors. The Brahmins, Chhetris and Newars are scattered throughout the country. The Newari people are considered to be the indigenous tribe of Kathmandu valley. The Tharu people are the dwellers of the Terai region. Besides them, Yadav, Jha, Maithili, Majhi also reside in this area.  

Based on the tribes and groups, there is variety in language and costumes as well. Each group has their unique way of celebrating different festivals and religious ceremonies. When you are in a vacation in Nepal, you can try to know about some of them. At certain places, you may also get a chance for a home-stay through which you can observe the Nepali way of living.
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People of Nepal in their cultural attires
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