Friday, May 23, 2014

Women's Festival celebrated by Nepalese Community Today!!

Teej is also called a great festival of Nepalese woman and same time it is also understood as a festivals of songs and red dress. On this day celebrating women put on the red dress and do the fasting for a whole day. They do a fasting without eating and drinking and devoting their prayer to Lord Shiva and doing puja of Lord Shiva and offering him naibedhya, bheti as well as dance. Teej have another specific trend that can be distinguished from others is the aspect of singing and dancing to entertain Lord Shiva to make him happy and get a blessing from him. This blessing is also a special in kind, the married women expects those blessings for the good health and progress of their husbands where as unmarried women does all fasting, puja, red dress, singing and dancing expecting blessings from Shiva to find perfect match

The women starts celebration ofestival 
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