Monday, May 19, 2014

Bhote Koshi

What a wonderfull moment..
Bhote Koshi means  Tibet khola . In the peple language  Tibet means bhote and Koshi means khola  In Tibetan says this river in name of Rongshar. The Bhote  Kosi is the only  best steepest river for white water rafted in Nepal. or swinging that is bungee jumping also  swinging over the Bhote Kosi has been said as the ultimate experience or adventure .The valley is narrow with steep hillsides and the heghit is about (6,600 ft) from the river. Nepal's first bungee jumping site is situated there .The visitor have adventures momenent over their.The last resort is providing the facility of adventure to the visitors and tourists national and internationally.. You all visitors will have great  moment. .If you want to visit Bhote Koshi Nepal one provide a best package for u visit our web site


Bagmati river in Sundarijal

                        sundarijal is the best destination for every tourist. It is about 13km north from the center of Kathmandu valley, mainly sundarijal is know for river  , water dam, high hills, flora& fauna ,and natural beauty. It is also cultural diversity area with various cast and language during visit. Another most important aspect of this place is bagmati river. There is one cultural  temple named as sundarimai. It will be best destination for those who like adventure, trekking, etc.  we  founds various local people lifestyle experience their hardwork for their daily life income. their is height of the hill you can clearly view the valley of Kathmandu.

                                                                                                                                                sundarijal is the perfect location to hanging out with yours friend, family, couples and also suitable for the special program like picnic, get together, group program etc. also there is various lodging & fooding facilities for those visitorswho really want . In the period of rainy session the weather of that place is so unique and this is the better location visit for every tourist .if you want to visit sundarijal nepal one provide a best package for you visit our web site

Visitors on their treak

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Bugmati village, Nepal

You might have been familiar to the concrete buildings and modern infrastructure of Kathmandu city. But if you are on a quest of observing the traditional lifestyle and way of living of the indigenous dwellers of the valley, Bugmati can be the perfect destination. As it is one of the old Newari villages, you will get to know about the Newari culture and architecture on your visit to this place.

Unlike in the city, you will run into people who speak in their native lingo, put on their peculiar dresses and the most important of all, they can be seen busy making the stone or wooden sculptures. Nearby Bugmati, there is a place called Khokana which is quite famous for the mustard oil which is extracted in the local mills and is believed to be very good for your health. The Karya Binayak temple is another popular site of pilgrimage which is visited by numerous visitors every day and experiences a huge crowd on Tuesdays, the day devoted to the Hindu Lord Ganesha.   

So when you are in a vacation in Nepal, do visit Bugmati and try to learn about cultural aspects of the local people. we Nepal one tours best travel agency of Nepal provides you a best service tours in Nepal,If you think to visit Nepal. Nepal one is a tour  in Nepal.visit ours  website

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Holi- The festival of colors

The day is filled with gaiety in the atmosphere in Nepal. People are veiled in different colors.  They have been drenched in the water and what else? It’s a wonderful day out here in Nepal because it is Holi, the festival of colors!!! Above all, it is a public holiday that has added to the merriment of this fiesta.

People of all ages are enjoying the day by forgetting everything else but the balloons and plastic bags inflated with colorful water. Singing and dancing on refreshing songs and having a family time with delicious foods are some of the ways of celebrating this special day. Events and parties are being held at different places to mark Holi and to celebrate it in union. This day is relished by folk of any caste and race and holds a religious significance too. A special dish called ‘Bhaang’ is eaten that is admired by many.

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Nepal One Tours wishes a very Happy Holi to everyone out there!  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dakshinkali temple

The temple ofDakshinkali is one of the revered temples of Goddess Kali in Nepal. Situated at a distance of about 22 Km from Kathmandu valley, it is visited by thousands of devotees every year, especially during the ten days of Bada Dashain, the main festival of Nepalese people and on Saturdays, which are devoted to the worshipping of Goddess Kali. we Nepal one tours best travel agency of Nepal provides you a best service tours in Nepal,If you think to visit Nepal. Nepal one is a  tour  in Nepal.visit our website

You can reach there either by driving your own vehicle or by public means of transport. Taking a mountain bike and cycling all the way to the temple can also rejoice you. Short treks and hiking can also be done. The views of the verdant forests and the panoramic sight of the Kathmandu valley are worth watching. There are resorts and eateries around the temple that provide you with excellent dining and accommodation services. You may visit this temple during your tour in Nepal.