Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve being celebrated in Nepal

As in the rest of the world, Christmas parties and carnivals are being relished here in Nepal. Many places of Kathmandu city are decorated with bright colors and the streets of Thamel and New Road are well-lit on this auspicious occasion. The malls have special discount offers for their customers and various eateries have included 'Christmas special' in their lunch or dinner menu.

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Nepal One Tours & Travels wish you a happy Merry Christmas!
Events are being organized at different schools and colleges. Besides various organizations and NGOs working on different sectors like child welfare, street children and orphanages have also made celebrations for the Christmas eve .The government of Nepal has declared a public holiday tomorrow to mark Christmas day. Being in Nepal during a Christmas holiday will be your smartest choice as you can get a bunch of discount on tour package in Nepal.
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Sunday, December 22, 2013


It is no doubt that people from all over the world come to Nepal in search of awesome adventures as well as a peaceful break from their frenetic lives. There are many places that offer the visitors these activities. And when it comes to yoga and meditation, Nepal stands out one of the well-known destinations to learn them.
There are many yoga and pranayama centers where you can gain knowledge of the basics of yoga and meditations. You can also join such courses in various Buddhist monasteries in and outside of Kathmandu valley or join Hindu yoga courses on different Yoga-Ashram around Kathmandu. Vipassana meditation is a popular one. The trainers have designed such courses in different packages which include varying prices and duration. You can choose the kind of course you want to do based on the number of days you are staying here and also on your convenient price. If you have interest in yoga or meditation please keep spare time before you travel to Nepal for the yoga or meditation courses. Even if you are going to trekking you can take your yoga-guru on your trekking to practice yoga with him every morning. In fact our company Nepal One Tours & Travels do have a yoga and retreat package  

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seto Gumba

Inside the Seto Gumba
Seto Gumba is yet another hideout if you are hankering for a pause from your frenetic way of living. It can be the perfect junction where you can listen to your inner voice along with rejoicing the tranquil and blissful ambience of the outside. Some kilometers away from Swayambhu (the Monkey temple) in Kathmandu, Seto Gumba literally stands out as a rendezvous for those who are in search of their inner selves.

You can reach there through public transport from Sitapaila or you can also enjoy a motorbike or car drive through the finely pitched road that leads you uphill to the gumba. The construction is magnificent and it covers a quite big share of the hill. You will get to observe the spectacular view of the Kathmandu valley from the top of the hill. What makes it more gratifying is the rumble of the cool breeze amalgamated with the serene musical prayers and the beating of the dong, which lies nearby.  

This destination offers you ample of know-how on Buddhist culture and the way in which the monks receive their education on Buddhism. When you travel in Nepal, do not forget to have a go for this place and gain a completely new experience. We also suggest you if you have short tour in Nepal and you will only be visiting around Kathmandu do not forget to ask your tour partner to include this spot.
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Magnificent View from Seto Gumba
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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Tour in Nepal is not confined to adventure and recreation only but Nepal is also a hub for religious pilgrimage, as well. As most of the Nepalese people are Hindus, there are many celebrated temples here which are visited by the pilgrims every year, from different parts of the world. As such, Pashupatinath is the temple which is situated in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.
The temple mesmerizes any visitor with its explicit architecture and grandeur. Besides that, the peripheries are rich in greenery and colorful floras. You can observe the rituals like funeral and offering of prayers that provide you a glimpse of Hindu as well as the overall Nepali culture. The main festivals which attract a lot of devotees here are Mahashivaratri, Teej and Balachaturdashi.
You will also come in acquaintance with groups of monkeys around the temple and playing around with them can be a fun. In the vicinity is an old-age home where you will find innocent –looking faces of the elderly people who are always ready to embrace you and share their love as well as blessings with you.   

Visiting Pashupatinath Temple, The sacred area and Hindu crematorium is one of the popular tour activities among the tourists in Nepal.    

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yomari Purnima

Nepal observed a public holiday today on the occasion of Yomari Purnima, one of the important festivals of Newari ethnic community. Yomari is the name of a delicacy while ‘purnima’ means the Full moon day. This dish is made up of rice flour that covers the ingredients like ‘chaku’ and ‘khuwa’ (both are sweet in taste). The Newari folks believe that its triangular shape is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.
This festival is celebrated on the second day of the full moon, in the month of December. The Newari people worship and store up the Yomari which is to be eaten only on the fourth day of the festival.  As Nepal has an exemplary harmony among people of all kinds of castes and religions, the Newars even invite their friends and neighbors from different cultures to relish their dish. 

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So, when you travel in Nepal, do not forget to ask your Newari friend about Yomari which we suggest for you as a to do list in Nepal.